We love and make web apps.


We are a small company full of passionate developers who love their craft. We have developed custom web applications for a lot of businesses, in many different industries. This experience has led us to a deep understanding of what makes software projects successful.

We provide simple and powerful solutions by digging deep into the problem domain, and finding intuitive and powerful idioms.

  • “ Khaja and the entire Cosmicvent Software team do excellent work … They do a great job understanding customer requirements and delivering clean software code … ”
    Paul Kauders , Splitgear

  • “ Khaja was very knowledgeable, very quick in his work, and a great communicator … Their work was simply outstanding … ”
    Bilal Adams, Nikosoftware

  • “ Khaja is a strong developer who works very hard to complete assignments on time, on budget, … He has a strong acumen for both business concepts and functionality and does a great job of listening, taking notes, and attacking issues one by one. ”
    Tigran M, whylimitmedia